Total Laser Care Service

Total Laser Care Solution

RE Business Solutions understands the value in keeping your printing machines efficient and cost effective. Optimal performance of your laser printer is a must in the day to day work environment. That is why we have put together an industry leading package known as Total Laser Care.

The Total Laser Care Solution is intended for businesses of all sizes providing our customers with superior maintenance, repair, and toner cartridge pricing. Our certified technicians are trained on preventative maintenance and repair to ensure long lasting production out of your laser printers while keeping costs at a minimum.

Here’s How Total Laser Care Works:

Sign up a printer for Total Laser Care, and we’ll supply you with our premium quality toner cartridges for one year at Total Laser Care prices. Included in the price of the cartridges is a full year, on-site warranty of your printer. Our all-in-one program begins with a complete printer inspection, cleaning and tune-up. After that, if anything goes wrong with your printer, we’ll fix it free of charge.

Total Laser Care is simple, just add paper!

Total Laser Care Service includes:

  • Complete Laser Printer Tune-up and Preventative Maintenance Inspection & Service.
  • If we find that repairs are needed to bring your printer up to peak performance, you pay only for the parts*, not the labor; you won’t find a more affordable way to care for your printing equipment.

Top Quality Toner Cartridges

  • Toners purchased from us at “Total Laser Care” prices, as you need them.
  • We’ll supply you with toner cartridges manufactured to OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) specifications. Our toner cartridges can be counted on to produce reliable, sharp-looking text and graphics. Why just buy cartridges when you could be buying a great toner cartridge that guarantee your printer’s performance? And you’ll have replacements quickly when you need them.

Guaranteed Performance of your Laser Printer for One Year…

With our Total Laser Care Solution, we’ll guarantee your printer’s performance for as long as you purchase your toners from RE Business Solutions. Instead of paying up front for an annual warranty, the cost of our warranty is included in the price of the cartridges you agree to purchase, whether your printer needs one cartridge or a dozen. After tour initial preventive maintenance check-up, we’ll fix anything that goes wrong with your printer- engine repair, paper jams, fuser replacement, you name it. Our technicians will give your printer fast, on-site service free of charge for labor and parts*.

Call 800-533-9949 or our website for the most affordable and comprehensive laser printer service solution in the industry!