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When government agencies need to purchase products or supplies for their organizations, they often do so through the schedules program created by the General Services Administration. These schedules allow local, state, and federal agencies the opportunity to purchase the supplies and equipment they need through approved companies, like Re Business Solutions.

Re Business Solutions can work with your government agency with the help of two different schedules.

Schedule 70 & Schedule 75:

Our stability, past success, reliable product line and compliance with the Trade Agreements Act qualifies us for two schedule contracts: schedule 70 and schedule 75. Through these schedules, government organizations are able to obtain the products necessary to keep their offices up and running while reducing the cost of operations.

While schedule 70 and 75 are similar, they serve two different purposes.

Schedule 70 focuses on providing government organizations with IT solutions, hardware products, and support. This can include the purchase of solutions like data storage and printers.

Schedule 75 provides office products, supplies and equipment needed on a daily basis, like copiers, data storage media and toner cartridges.


What do these contracts mean when it comes to your government agency or organization? It comes down to service you can trust. Re Business Solutions has already been through a rigorous applications process and has been approved to provide supplies, hardware, and support services to your government agency. You can count on us to provide you with the products, service, and supplies you need, when you need them.

For the past 29 years, we’ve helped companies across the nation just like yours reduce their business costs, save time and improve office productivity with our print services, data storage and technology. We can help you too!


Contact our GSA Specialist: Tim Bryson
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