Annual Toner Fulfilment & Delivery

Power Supply Automated Printer Supplies

We Make Printing Easy.

Introducing a simple way to supply your printers:
The Power Supply System.

You’re busy as it is. Why should you have to worry about your printers running out of toner, what inventory you have on site and what you need to order from one or multiple suppliers?

Through a simple 3-step process, we ship you toner just when you need, where you need it.

The Three-Step Process


We install our Data Collection Service at your site.

2. SET

We setup your account in and enter printer device ID’s for sharing (with the support of our technical team).

3. GO!

The Data Collection Service and Power Supply System begin tracking device supply status and shipping your toner!

Your Benefits

With the Power Supply System we take the guesswork, frustration and extra cost out of supplying your printers. The process is simple and the benefits are substantial:

Automatic Ordering, Shipping & Desktop Delivery of Printer Supplies

  • No mis-ordering of supplies
  • No “rush” or overnight ordering
  • No early replacement
  • Complete visibility on order status through our toner tracking tool customized for your company on:

Reduced Supply Costs

  • Eliminate excess in-house supply inventory
  • Better use of working capital
  • Reduce risk of “shrinkage” (theft) of supply inventory

Easier Than Ever

Sound to good to be true? It’s not! Contact us today to get up and running with the Power Supply System and take the frustration, guesswork and extra cost out of supplying your printers.


With our Power Supply Routing Labels, supplies are individually labeled with a device name, department and contact name, and delivered directly to the customer’s desktop.

Supply Analysis

The Power Supply System’s proprietary data analysis considers various elements before processing an order for toner:

  • Evaluation of device usage over various periods of time
  • Review device data including page coverage, percent toner remaining, cartridge yields, etc.
  • Compile data through exclusive algorithms to determine number of remaining days of toner
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