Managed Print Services

 Managed Print Solutions

When you hear the term, “Managed Print Solutions,” are you picturing brochures, business cards, and letterhead? This is actually a pretty common misconception. Managed Print Solutions, or MPS, actually involves so much more than a few marketing pieces and general office stationary. Managed printer solutions allows you to gain control of every printer in your office, providing you with the tools you need to manage and monitor every device you own and identify where you are unknowingly and unnecessarily losing money.

It also provides the supplies and service you need to keep your printers running efficiently, reducing your down-time.

With MPS through Re Business Solutions, you can achieve all this while still obtaining significant savings for your company.

How Our Printer Solutions Work

At Re Business Solutions, we customize your service to fit your unique needs. Whether you have a large or small business all your devices are taken care of. Our solution includes providing service, supplies, and even printers themselves, while offering you complete visibility of your printing environment.

Cost is an important factor when it comes to running any business, and many organizations don’t realize the value of document production. They see the hard costs, like the maintenance, consumables, and acquisition of the hardware, but may not realize the costs that lie beneath the surface, like workflow inefficiencies, reduced employee productivity, and IT support.

When you work with Re Business Solutions, there won’t be any guesswork when it comes to how much you spend. Why?

Your printing habits and spending costs will be completely visible, and you’ll be able to see them all in one place. You’ll also be sent itemized invoices once a month for your review, so you can determine where to reduce costs.

Small desktop printers can cost up to four or fivetimes as much to operate as the larger, more efficient printers we’ll be able to provide you. These larger printers can reduce costs and keep workflow on track.

Our managed print solutions reduce down time by monitoring your printing devices with sophisticated software. Any time your device is in need of supplies or service, you will be alerted so you can order the necessary ink or toner.

You can even call our help desk for assistance. This ensures you’re able to get the supplies or repairs necessary, reducing the amount of time your printers are down.

Do Managed Print Solutions Matter?

Yes! Printing is quickly becoming one of the most expensive business expenditures, and about 45% of the print volume most companies manage is in color instead of black and white. Because color printing costs four to five times more than black and white, MPS is an essential part of reducing costs.

MPS: The Process

So, how do our print services work?

Let’s take a look at the process:

Assessment – The first step we’ll take is evaluating your print environment to see what the total cost of your printing is on a yearly basis. We’ll inventory your devices, document your security measures, assess your needs, and identify any challenges that may be compromising your current printing strategy.

Design – Once we’ve assessed the issues, we’ll design a plan that can help you reduce costs, improve productivity, and reduce your environmental impact.

Implementation and Management – Once you’ve approved of our design, we’ll implement our print services and manage it completely. We’ll conduct preventative maintenance on your devices, perform repairs, and provide the supplies you need to stay on track.

Managed print solutions are services every company needs. If you’re ready to reduce your printing costs and improve your workplace, call ReBusiness Solutions today for more information.

Flat Rate

Our program can be customized for a Flat Rate monthly fee for those who want fixed costs and are under budget restrictions.

Contact Us for more information regarding our Flat Rate program.

Fleet Rightsizing

Fleet Rightsizing can optimize your output fleet and maximize productivity. RE certified MPS advisors can work with you to analyze your current fleet, make suggestions to improve, replace, reuse, outfit existing devices to your needs.

Many companies don’t realize the number & type of devices they have. RE can help streamline the discovery and optimization plan for you.