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At the heart of any legal practice is paperwork, and in the past 29 years, RE Business Solutions has made it our goal to develop managed print services and customized solutions especially for the legal sector.

We can help you dramatically reduce the cost of your faxing, scanning, printing, and copying, while at the same time improve productivity in your workplace.

What Expenses do you Have?

What types of document expenses does your law practice have? There may be more than you realize. If you’ve accumulated printing, copying, and scanning devices from multiple vendors and are still occasionally visiting your local print or copy shop, chances are you’re spending more on imaging and printing than you know. Even if your practice takes the time to evaluate the cost of equipment, consumables, such as paper and toner, and maintenance, other aspects, like securing confidentiality, improving work flow, consolidating vendor management, and reducing energy use must also be considered. These aspects are just as critical to the way your practice functions and your productivity as the cost of your equipment and consumables.

That’s where RE Business Solutions comes in.

How we Help: Managed Print Services

RE Business Solutions knows that law has always been and will continue to be a paper-centric profession. The majority of legal organizations spend about 13.7% of their revenue each year on required document printing and imaging. Because of this, we know how important it is that the process is streamlined as much as possible.


We’ve developed a proven, effective strategy that takes care of all your needs.

Device Management

The first step we’ll take to streamline your legal practice and increase your productivity is manage your devices. Our managed print services include preventative care, repair, support, supplies, and secure technologies that can help you keep track of your print use and evaluate your needs.


We’ll assess your printing needs and show you how you can eliminate unnecessary costs. This will not only help you save money, but will also allow you to reduce the amount of time wasted on out-of-date or redundant devices and duplicated documents. We’ll help you understand what devices you really do need and help you get rid of the ones that are taking up energy and space.

Improve Work Flow

At RE Business Solutions, we know how overwhelming the quantity of information in a law office can be. Each and every day, you’re most likely sorting through titles, deeds, wills, depositions, litigation, and testimonies. Managing, storing, and controlling these documents isn’t hard with our solutions. We have the data storage solutions you need to keep everything in place, at your fingertips, and ready to move when necessary.

Is your law office struggling under a mountain of paperwork? Let RE Business Solutions help your practice. Our managed print services and print solutions can assist you in lowering costs, increasing productivity, and making your office an more efficient place to be.