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The face of today’s education is changing. Both in higher education and lower education classrooms, technology has become more of a necessary and accepted aspect. Colleges campuses are transitioning to Wi-Fi, students are completing their homework via tablets and computers, and educators are using online sources for worksheets, homework forms, quizzes, and presentations. At the same time, schools and colleges are being pressure to reduce costs to make it easier to pay for teachers’ salaries.

While reducing costs and improving performance in the classroom may seem like an impossible task with the increasing use of technology, it actually isn’t. One of the largest costs educators often overlook is printing. RE Business Solutions offers managed print services tailored specifically to assist in this area.

How can RE Business Solutions Help?

From homework to presentations to essential forms, educators and administrators print documents on a daily basis in an effort to teach our children and build a brighter future. Keeping costs down isn’t always easy, but RE Business Solutions offers real-world print solutions that will actually work. We have the capability to assess K-12 and college environments, determine what changes need to be made, and then design, implement, and manage every area of your school’s printing.

We’ll be able to:

  • Increase the usability of the assets you already own
  • Help you take advantage of new multifunction devices that will help reduce your energy use, increase productivity, and save time
  • Determine the placement and correct balance of devices so your school need to stay as efficient as possible
  • Keep track of what’s been printed
  • Dramatically reduce the amount of maintenance and repair you need, thanks to our help desk and preventative care


How Does it Work?

RE Business Solutions is dedicated to assisting today’s educational system with the help of our managed print services. These services offer educators a number of excellent resources, including:

Complete Management
We’ll reduce printing costs and keep your school or college running smoothly by ensuring every printing need is taken care of. We’ll provide you with supplies so lesson plans aren’t interrupted, take care of maintenance, and provide support via our help desk.

Data Storage
Our customized managed print services can assist you in managing, storing, and sharing the vast amount of information involved with administering, teaching, and learning. We’ll make it easy to move paper and digital data on and off your network.

Optimize Your Performance
Does your school have a mix of printers, scanners, copiers, and fax machines? Some of these devices may no longer be useful and could be replaced with newer devices that have the ability to function more efficiently. RE Business Solutions will help assess your current devices and offer a plan that may work better for your school.

With 29 years of experience, RE Business Solutions has the knowledge and capability to help reduce your school’s printing costs while keeping up with advances in technology. Instead of making cuts and asking you to reduce your overall print volume, we offer real solutions that will not hinder the classroom experience.