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Schedule 70

Schedule 70, or IT Schedule 70, has long been the go-to sources for government agencies needing to obtain products and services for their organizations. At Re Business Solutions, we are proud to partner with the General Services Administration (GSA) to offer the products you need to keep your office running smoothly. We know how much this long term contract benefits both our company and yours.

What is Schedule 70?

Schedule 70 is a contract companies like Re Business Solutions obtain with the government in order to provide agencies and organizations the products they need in a timely and cost-efficient manner.

This type of schedule allows federal, state, and local agencies to purchase products related to data storage, software, and computer and networking hardware. It also includes the purchase of new equipment your office may need, such as printers, print managed services and IT support equipment.

Under the Specialty Item Number (SIN) 132 100, support services for your office equipment are also available for purchase, as long as the equipment falls within the scope of the schedule. This includes the maintenance and repair of many of your IT products.


All of the services you need, plus full support:

Timeliness- Our parts are in stock, which means when you call, we will ship your order right away. If you need in-office help or a repair, our service staff can provide same-day service to businesses within our coverage area.



Expertise- With over 25 years of service, Re Business Solutions is well able to provide you with the best service possible.

Obtaining this type of contract isn’t easy, and applicants, like Re Business Solutions, undergo great scrutiny to ensure their products and services fully comply with the Trade Agreements Act. Because we have already qualified for

the contract, your organization can rest easy knowing you will be working with a company that is not only fair, but outstanding in every way.

Re Business Solutions Offers You:

Purchase of New Equipment – SUBJECT TO COOPERATIVE PURCHASING – Includes telephone equipment, audio and video teleconferencing equipment, communications security equipment, facsimile equipment, broadcast band radio, two-way radio, microwave radio equipment, satellite communications equipment, radio transmitters/receivers (airborne), radio navigation equipment/antennas, pagers and public address systems, communications equipment cables, fiber optic cables, fiber optic cables and harnesses, coaxial cables, desktop computers, professional workstations, servers, laptop/portable/notebook computers, large scale computers, optical/imaging systems, other systems, printers, displays, graphics (light pens, digitizers, touch screens), network equipment, other communications equipment, optical recognition I/O devices, storage devices, other I/O and storage devices, ADP support equipment, microcomputer control devices, telephone answering, voice messaging systems, ADP boards, installation of ADP equipment and installation of telephone equipment. Included are:

Boards, Cables, Desktop Computers, Digital Cameras, Display, Monitors, Drives/Storage Devices, Equipment for Physically Challenged, IT Support Equipment, Laptop/Portable/Notebook Computers, Large Scale/Mainframe Computers, Media Memory, Microcomputer Control Devices, Modems, Graphic Related Equipment, MP3 Devices, Networking, Optical Imaging Systems, Optical Recognition I/O Devices, Other Communications Equipment, Other I/O and Storage Devices, PDAs, Power Protect, Printers, Professional Workstations, Projectors, Scanners, Servers, Speakers, Video Cards, Web Cams, Airborne Radar Equipment, Broadcast Band Radio, Microwave Radio Equipment, Radio Navigation Equipment/Antennas, Radio Transmitters/Receivers, Airborne, Satellite Communications Equipment, Two-Way Radio, Telephone Equipment, Audio and Video Teleconferencing Equipment, Communications Security Equipment, Facsimile Equipment, Telephone Answering and Voice Messaging, Pagers and Public Address Systems and Misc. Communication Equipment.

Contact our GSA Specialist: Tim Bryson
856 857 6235